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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dancing with the Stars vs Public Speaking Skills

Jennie Garth was disappointing the judges on Dancing with the Stars until this past Monday night. The judges said things like, "what a difference, finally you unveiled yourself, that was exceptional!"

Why did she astonish these judges in just one week? Her dance partner, Derek Hough, noticed she was so much better in rehearsal than when she performed for the live audience and in front of the judges. Come to find out, it was the judges that really scared Jenny so Derek brought her out on stage, when no one was around and got her to imagine the judges sitting in their seats, watching her, and judging her. As she did this, they rehearsed their dance. Then, when the real thing came around, voila!

The next time you have a presentation, get to the place you will be presenting ahead of time, when no one is there, and rehearse your presentation while imagining your audience members looking at you. You will feel much more comfortable when the real thing happens and you may even get comments from your audience like, "that was exceptional!"

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Tons of Public Speaking Compliments

I just got a call from a client of mine and it was my favorite type of call. He said, "I'm calling to thank you for all your help in improving my public speaking. My presentation went great! I didn't have any nervousness that I thought I would have. In fact it wasn't even an issue. Afterwards there were at least 40-50 people who came up to me, people I didn't even know, who told me what a great job I did. I got tons of compliments!"

This client of mine didn't succeed solely because of my services, he succeeded because he did what most people don't do enough of... he PREPARED! He spent weeks rehearsing his presentation, practicing speaking in front of groups of people, and using all the preparation techniques I taught him.

To do a great job with your presentation, not only do you need to prepare, but you need to know how to prepare. Once you know the steps to take to prepare a good presentation, there is no way you will not succeed.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Fires - Animals Being Rescued - Public Speaking

The fires in California are just awful and all the animals traumatized from it all is even more awful. But you know what is very interesting? Humans are doing everything they can to save these animals. Horses, Cows, Lamas, etc. But the even more interesting thing is that the animals are fearful of the humans trying to save them. They are trying to run away even though it's for their own good.

This is very similar to how humans act when it comes to public speaking. They tend to run away from speaking in public even though it's for their own good. So much can happen when you speak in public. You could get recognized for your talents and get promoted. You could talk about your business and gain clients. You could do a great job and increase your confidence. You could do a bad job and learn from it and do better next time.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mark Rosenthal and Public Speaking on the Radio

A huge thank you to Mark Rosenthal from for a great interview this morning. Mark has an incredible amount of experience in TV and Radio and he really knows how to lead a conversation. I had so much fun with Mark and I highly recommend his radio show!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Keep Your Employees Awake, Alert & Alive During Your Presentation

If you want your employees to stay Awake, Alert, & Alive, read this article (titled "Awake, Alert & Alive" outlining ways to keep your audience engaged, interested, and open to what you present.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Does Your Audience Know You Care?

Before you make your presentation, have you checked in with your audience to see what their needs are?

Too many times I see people present their material only to find out that they didn't give the audience what they really needed in order to produce the results the presenter was looking for.

To get the results you want from all of your presentations, you must first know what your audience needs. How do you get that information? Ask them?

Even if you already know, by asking them in the very beginning, shows them you really care who they are. The more they know you care about them, the more they will be open to your presentation.

Here are some examples that I could ask before I present on public speaking:

"By a show of hands, have you ever taken a public speaking class before?"

"How many of you have given more than 2 presentations in the past month?"

"Who would like to share their experiences and why they came today?"

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Great Tip From a Public Speaking Coaching Session

In one of my most recent coaching sessions, I learned something great. As my client was presenting his material to me, his notes fell out of his portfolio, which he was holding. He quickly said, "That's why I have a duplicate copy stapled together as back up."

What a great idea. If you have notes that you think may fall out of your hands while presenting, instead of spending the time bent over picking them up, why not have a back up copy stapled together.

However, the one piece of advice I told him to do if that does happen is to acknowledge it. Preferably with humor, and then move on.

Be sure to always acknowledge a distraction. Otherwise your audience is still focused on that distraction, such as the notes on the floor. All he has to say is, "That's why I carry a spare." or "Thank goodness I have an extra copy of notes."

The audience will have a chuckle, and will be that much more engaged.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Improve Your Public Speaking Fast!

How? By doing it, doing it, doing it. Find at least one opportunity this week where you can speak in front of a group of people. Even if it's just to say one or two words. Some suggestions would be at a staff meeting, a social event, a community program, or go visit a local Toastmasters club (

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