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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weight Loss and Public Speaking

Preparing a presentation is a lot like losing weight. The first time you write out your presentation is when your presentation will be the longest, the heaviest. Then the process starts where you need to start making it shorter, thinner. You go through it once and see where you can cut back. Then you go back again and see what else you can take out or say in less words. You are making your presentation thinner and thinner. When you lose weight, if you need weight to lose, you feel happier, you have more energy, and you become more productive. If you make your presentation thinner, it will have more energy, be more productive and your audience will be happy.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Prepare Your Presentation

Most people who present don't do much preparation. The ones who do prepare, do not prepare as well as they could. Here are three quick steps to prepare for great results:

1 - Decide what the desired outcome of your presentation is.
2 - Write down everything your audience needs to know in order to produce that outcome.
3 - Think of stories, examples, and analogies that you can use to hone your message.

Once you do these three steps, write out your entire presentation word for word. After you do that, edit it to make it shorter and then practice, practice, practice.

To get all 16 steps to preparing a great presentation, check out the workbook "Fear to Fabulous."
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