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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dancing with the Stars vs Public Speaking Skills

Jennie Garth was disappointing the judges on Dancing with the Stars until this past Monday night. The judges said things like, "what a difference, finally you unveiled yourself, that was exceptional!"

Why did she astonish these judges in just one week? Her dance partner, Derek Hough, noticed she was so much better in rehearsal than when she performed for the live audience and in front of the judges. Come to find out, it was the judges that really scared Jenny so Derek brought her out on stage, when no one was around and got her to imagine the judges sitting in their seats, watching her, and judging her. As she did this, they rehearsed their dance. Then, when the real thing came around, voila!

The next time you have a presentation, get to the place you will be presenting ahead of time, when no one is there, and rehearse your presentation while imagining your audience members looking at you. You will feel much more comfortable when the real thing happens and you may even get comments from your audience like, "that was exceptional!"

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