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Monday, March 26, 2007

Remember Taylor, Katharine, & Elliott?

If you watched American Idol 2006, then you have heard of Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, and Elliott Yamin. I was recently watching my DVD recordings of last year's competition when it was down to these last three. Simon said something to Katharine that I thought was so great I just needed to add it to my blog. Oh, and by the way, I'm one of those people who agree with Simon a lot of the time.

Each contestant presented 3 songs. After Katharine's last song, Simon said to her, "You should have had your second song be your last song, because that was your very best and that's what people would have remembered."

In other words, he said what I say in my public speaking skills training programs. You must have a powerful close/ending because that's what your audience will remember the most!

Taylor Hicks did do that. His final song was awesome, he stole the show and he ended on a very high note (no pun intended).

As for Elliott, I'm sorry, but I fast forwarded over his songs. I wasn't a real fan, even though he was really good.

For those of you who don't follow American Idol, Taylor Hicks won! He became the 2006 American Idol and he now has a fabulous career touring the country performing. I hear he is going to be in Boston this week!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What Diana Ross said on American Idol

When Diana Ross was on American Idol she said to one of the contestants, "You must pronunciate and project." This is the same advice I give my clients who come to me for effective public speaking skills!

When you pronunciate your words, people will hear you easily and not have to struggle to understand what you are saying. Plus, there is no room for misinterpretation.

When you project, you will allow your entire audience to hear you without straining your voice. Imagine your voice forming a line out of the center of your lips and your voice is following it to the very back of the room. This will help you to project rather than shout.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

New Years Resolutions Update?

It’s been two months since the New Year began. Did you make any resolutions? If so, how are you doing with them? If you started strong but are now finding yourself slipping, it’s time to revisit, re-focus, and re-energize! If you read the January issue of PEP Ezine, you may have been inspired to start the year off with developing strong public speaking skills. One of the things mentioned was that if you start the year off strong, you are much more likely to continue strong and achieve your goals. The same applies with every presentation you give. If you start it off strong with a great opening, you are much more likely to continue strong. Have a strong opening to grab your audience’s attention and get them interested in your topic. To learn some great ways to open, attend the free teleseminar on March 6. Click here for details.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Get Your Way with Public Speaking

People who speak up more, tend to get their way.

Recently in my spin class (indoor cycling) the instructor asked the class if they would like to go an extra 10 minutes. No one answered. She asked again, and waited for a response. One person spoke up and said, "Yeh - bring it on!" Since that was the only answer the instructor received, that's what she did. She brought it on. She made the entire class work hard for 10 extra hard minutes. The rest of the class was pretty exhausted, had places to go, and really wanted the class to end on time, but because one person spoke up, that person got their way.

When you are used to speaking in public, you tend to speak up more in different types of situations. When you do, you are more likely to get your way.

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