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Monday, February 19, 2007

Do You Talk to Your Feet?

When you speak in public do you talk to your audience or to your feet?

When you talk to your feet 3 things happen:

1 – Your audience does not hear your voice. Whatever direction your mouth is facing when you speak is the direction the sound goes. If you are speaking to your feet, the only ones who hear you are your feet.

2 – Your audience will stop paying attention to you. If you don’t look at your audience you cannot keep their attention. Eye contact is crucial in speaking for success.

3 – Even if your audience can hear you, they won’t believe what you are saying. When you speak to your feet, it appears that you are not confident in your topic. The more confident you appear, the more confidence your audience will have in what you are saying.

When you present, stand up straight, take command of the room, and look at your audience. This will help you appear confident, keep the attention of your audience, and get buy-in from your audience.

The next time you talk to your feet, tell them to take a powerful stance and imagine them talking back and saying “look up at your audience!”

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Fall In Love....with public speaking

It's February, and you know what that means...Love is in the air - it's the month where Valentine's Day appears! The time of year everyone wants to fall in love or be in love. So, while you are in the mood for love, why not fall in love with public speaking!

When you are in love, you want to get to know that person more, you want to spend as much time with them as possible, and you want to eat a lot of chocolate. As a result, you have fun, you feel better about yourself and your life becomes sweeter. Best of all, your relationship grows and becomes stronger.

Imagine what would happen if you were to treat public speaking the same way as you treat your lover! Read the rest of this article
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