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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Does Your Audience Know You Care?

Before you make your presentation, have you checked in with your audience to see what their needs are?

Too many times I see people present their material only to find out that they didn't give the audience what they really needed in order to produce the results the presenter was looking for.

To get the results you want from all of your presentations, you must first know what your audience needs. How do you get that information? Ask them?

Even if you already know, by asking them in the very beginning, shows them you really care who they are. The more they know you care about them, the more they will be open to your presentation.

Here are some examples that I could ask before I present on public speaking:

"By a show of hands, have you ever taken a public speaking class before?"

"How many of you have given more than 2 presentations in the past month?"

"Who would like to share their experiences and why they came today?"

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