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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Great Tip From a Public Speaking Coaching Session

In one of my most recent coaching sessions, I learned something great. As my client was presenting his material to me, his notes fell out of his portfolio, which he was holding. He quickly said, "That's why I have a duplicate copy stapled together as back up."

What a great idea. If you have notes that you think may fall out of your hands while presenting, instead of spending the time bent over picking them up, why not have a back up copy stapled together.

However, the one piece of advice I told him to do if that does happen is to acknowledge it. Preferably with humor, and then move on.

Be sure to always acknowledge a distraction. Otherwise your audience is still focused on that distraction, such as the notes on the floor. All he has to say is, "That's why I carry a spare." or "Thank goodness I have an extra copy of notes."

The audience will have a chuckle, and will be that much more engaged.

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