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Monday, March 12, 2007

New Years Resolutions Update?

It’s been two months since the New Year began. Did you make any resolutions? If so, how are you doing with them? If you started strong but are now finding yourself slipping, it’s time to revisit, re-focus, and re-energize! If you read the January issue of PEP Ezine, you may have been inspired to start the year off with developing strong public speaking skills. One of the things mentioned was that if you start the year off strong, you are much more likely to continue strong and achieve your goals. The same applies with every presentation you give. If you start it off strong with a great opening, you are much more likely to continue strong. Have a strong opening to grab your audience’s attention and get them interested in your topic. To learn some great ways to open, attend the free teleseminar on March 6. Click here for details.
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