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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Keep Your Audience Energized

Ways to Re-Energize Your Audience

  • Take A Break
  • Exchange ideas with other audience members
  • Group activities
  • Ask questions
  • Show of hands
  • Tell a funny story but be sure to relate it to the topic
  • Tell a personal story about something totally unrelated to topic, but relate it to topic – stories about romance, how you met your spouse, a bad date you were on, etc are great.

At an all day seminar with Brian Tracy, it went an hour over time, people were tired and fading. He went into a funny story about he and his wife. The audience broke out into hysterics. What a way to increase the energy in the room. Laughter increases energy in people and will get them to stay awake, alert, and alive a little bit longer.


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