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Monday, March 02, 2009

Cruise Ship Vacation and Public Speaking

I took my very first cruise ship vacation this past February. There was plenty to do for adults and kids - separately! One day the kids camp put on a talent show for the adults. As I observed these kids I realized something very important about public speaking skills for adults. Some of the kids were scared to get up in front of everyone and do their act and avoided it. Some got up, but said um a lot and paced around. And there were a few that were just so excited to be performing they didn't get nervous or scared, they just had a whole lot of fun!

So here's what I learned.
1 - It is normal to fear public speaking, it's normal to say ahs and ums, and it is normal to have nervous fidgeting. However, this doesn't mean it should not be corrected or improved. The less fearful, the less ahs and ums, and the less nervous fidgeting, the more successful your speech will be.

2 - I learned that the kids who were not nervous but excited to perform and having a great time up there were the ones who knew that the audience supported them and they wanted to be entertained. These little performers connected with the audience to have a good time together.

When you know your audience is going to benefit from whatever you have to say, know that they are on your side, and you decide to present with them rather than at them, you will do just fine. Maybe even great!

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