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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kevin Bacon - The Bacon Brothers

I was so happy that one of my favorite groups finally came to my home state and I was actually able to get tickets and see them. I started talking with the woman sitting next to me who had traveled over 3 hours to come see them and was planning on driving 3 hours back home after the concert, which ended around 11 pm.

As we talked some more I discovered she had also seen them the night before in her home state and liked them so much she traveled the very next day to enjoy their music again.

When you present well, your audience will do anything to see you or do business with you. How you present determines the results of your presentations. It determines whether or not your audience is engaged, interested, and will want more of your or whatever it is you are communicating to them to do.(i.e. buy from you, learn from you, be entertained by you).

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