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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Your Interesting Stories & Geneology

The world’s longest serving Monarch is the King of Thailand who has been the king for almost 60 years. He was born in 1927 in Massachusetts and lived at 63 Longwood Avenue in Brookline, while his father attended Harvard Medical School.

During a trip in Massachusetts around 1960, there was talk that the King may visit his old homestead with the queen.

The Einsteins who currently lived at the home, anxiously awaited to see if the King would arrive. Their daughters and great-granddaughter asked, “Do you think the King will really drop in on us?”

A fleet of big black limousines pulled up, the King and Queen got out and gazed at the home.

A band of newspaper and TV reporters and photographers followed the King and Queen around the Einstein’s home while getting a tour. The King took several candid camera shots of the Einstein living room and said, he wished he brought flash bulbs.

Ira and Rose Einstein were my great grandparents. I was named after my grandma Rosie. My brother was named after grandpa Ira.

The daughters and great granddaughter the article refers to were my Nana, mother’s mother, and my cousin.

Ira Einstein was the half brother to Parkyakarkus who was a very famous comedian back in the day with Eddie Cantor. Parkyakarkus is Albert Brooks father. Albert’s real name is Albert Einstein. Yes – Albert Brooks is my cousin, but I have never met him and he does not know I exist.

I tell you this story because we all have interesting genealogy. I just recently learned about this part of mine. We don’t take the time to explore, to pay attention. Start with the genealogy you know, and write it down. Start a story journal and keep track of all the interesting things about your family, your families family, and experiences you have encountered.

Incorporate your interesting stories into your speeches and your presentations. Stop looking in the outside for your stories, and look within your own life. You may not find celebrity status, you may not find royalty, but you will find amazing stories that can be amazing gifts to your audience, not to mention yourself and the people who come after you in your family that you can share their heritage with.

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