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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Speaking Too Fast

I was on one of my weekend bike rides when I realized faster is not better. I was with a group of other cyclists. We all usually take turns leading. All of a sudden I felt the group going faster and faster. It was then that I realized the guy who was now leading was the fastest cyclist in the group and he decided to go at his own pace, which was much faster than mine and everyone elses. As a result, within seconds he was far ahead and the rest of the group was left behind. We were unable to keep up with him.

When you talk too fast during a presentation, your audience will not be able to keep up with you. Many of my clients who speak fast think they are speaking slow, but they are not. If you think you speak slow, but people tell you that you speak fast, you better listen to them if you want your audiences to stay with you. Otherwise, they may still be at the point you made miles ago.

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