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Friday, August 03, 2007

Speak and Become a Celebrity

Recently I’ve been speaking at a lot of corporate Toastmasters Clubs where there have been approximately 50 people in attendance and I realized that when it comes time to ask for volunteers to get up and speak, and improve their public speaking skills immediately. Hardly anyone wants to volunteer. Why is that????

Because most people are afraid of making a fool out of themselves in front of their peers, they do not feel safe. They think they will be judged, made fun of, etc. They will never be able to go to the cafeteria again incase they bump into one of those people who saw them get up and speak.

Usually, when you present in front of groups of people you get instant admiration. Presenting in front of a group of people puts you on a whole new level. You just may become a celebrity.

A couple of summers ago I was on a bike trip with 2,000 cyclists. In the middle of the trip, one night there was a talent show. I got up to give a cute little speech about my bike trip across the country. For the rest of the trip I was treated like a celebrity. People would bike by me and say, “that’s the girl who gave that speech!”

Don’t be afraid to get up and speak in front of your peers or anyone else. And when you do get up to speak, take command of the room and speak with confidence. You may be judged, but you will be judged in a good way and it may even make you a celebrity.

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