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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A picture is worth a billion words

If you work with PowerPoint revise it now! Most likely you have slides with text and lots of it. Most likely you don't have too many pictures or graphics. Maybe you don't have any!

If you want to get your message across effectively...
If you want to keep your audience interested in your presentations...
If you want to keep yourself interested in your presentation....

Then you must use pictures and graphics throughout your entire presentation.

Begin to revise your PowerPoint presentation now. Imagine that your audience cannot read but they can see and understand any picture or graphic that you display. Take one slide at a a time, read it, and ask yourself, "what picture will show/explain this message?"

For example, if you were talking about the whole world, you can have a picture of the globe rather than the word world.
If you were talking about how the planet is suffering from lack of recycling, then show a picture of what it's doing rather than having the text say what it's doing, i.e. trees being cut down.
If you were talking about revenue increases for the company: what does that mean? what results came of that? does it mean more money? Show a picture of dollar bills. If it means more customers, show a picture of customers, if it means happier customers, show a picture of smiley faces.

When it comes to PowerPoint, you must have good public speaking skills to convey the message effectively and correctly to your audience. You are your presentation, not your slides. Your audience wants to hear you, see you, and be kept awake!

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