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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Keep your audience engaged and present like a pro!

I was at an event where there were 3 presenters. Every single one of them stood behind the podium. If they were my coaching clients, they would not have been behind the podium. In fact, the podium would not even be in the room. Well, maybe I wouldn’t go that far, but the podium would not be center stage. All 3 presenters most likely stood behind the podium for one or more of the following reasons
1 – it feels safer and more secure (like a Linus blanket)
2 – everyone else (including the introducer) stood behind the podium (we tend to do what others do)
3 – they relied mostly on their notes
4 - because it was there

It’s okay to speak behind the podium, but it can act as a barrier between you and the audience and can feel restricted and keep you from being more animated, which ultimately can engage your audience more. And of course the more engaged your audience is, the more they hear what you say, and the greater your results may be.

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