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Friday, August 24, 2007

Peter Brock and Public Speaking

I never heard of Peter Brock, but then again I barely know who Tom Brady is. In other words, I do not follow sports at all. So what does this have to do with public speaking skills? I had the privilege of hearing former Patriot player, Peter Brock, speak at the Corridor 9 Chamber of Commerce breakfast. I say priviledge because of one reason. Not because he was a Patriot player, not because he had a great message, and not because he had great stories, but because he was a great presenter. What made him great? 3 things...

1 - He was just himself
2 - He kept us engaged
3 - He had us laughing from beginning to end

Humor can be very effective in presenting, especially when it's self effacing humor, which is what Peter Brock used a lot. He was so much fun to listen to, even though I have no interest in sports. He made it very interesting!

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