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Monday, March 30, 2009

Emotional Public Speaking

There was a question on one of the professional speaking groups on linkedin on emotional speaking. The person wanted to know if it was okay to get emotional when she spoke.

Here was my response:

Emotion is the way to impact your audience. Most people today do not show enough emotion which leaves the audience not knowing how to interpret or feel about the presentation. Your audience will only feel what feelings and emotion you portray. If you want them to have an emotional reaction, then show that emotion.

Now... with that said. You don't want to make your audience too uncomfortable by losing it. You need to be ready to give a speech that is very emotional for you. Shortly after my father passed away I gave a speech about him. I am a professional speaker and thought I could control the tears, but I could not. Afterwards people told me I was not ready to give that speech. So if it's watery eyes, if it's emotion through your voice, but you are not losing it totally where you end up crying while you are speaking, then go for the emotion.

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