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Monday, November 03, 2008

Dress Rehearsal

When you give your presentation, be sure it’s not for the very first time to the audience that really matters.

Have you ever been to a Broadway show where the actors were not prepared? They didn’t do much practice? And they didn’t have a dress rehearsal? Of course not.

Every performance includes lots of practice and a dress rehearsal so that the performers put on a great show and the audience gets what they want and need. When that happens, the show stays in business and the performers get to keep their jobs and continue performing.

Every presentation is a performance. You need to make sure it’s well prepared so that it gives your audience what they really need and want. When you give your audience what they need and want, you get what you need and want.

Do a dress rehearsal for your next presentation. Practice it in front of your friends, peers, or an audience that doesn’t matter so much.

This is what Terry Fator does and so many other big performers. I saw the 2007 winner of America’s Got Talent perform in a small theatre in Boston and he was fabulous! He tried out his new material on us that he plans on using in his headliner show in Las Vegas.

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