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Monday, April 16, 2007

No, Not Those 3 Little Words!

Whenever I am in the audience, I hope, pray, and fantasize, that the speaker does not say those 3 awful words! "Without further ado..."

We hear it a lot, we do it a lot, and we gag over it! Some of you are saying, "why not? What the heck is wrong with saying without further ado?"

Just don't say it! Okay? For one, it is not original and it puts you in a category with so many others people who are not very good at public speaking. Two, it's a waste of words and a waste of time. Just say what it is you want to say. For example, instead of saying "without further ado let's start the program." You could say, "Let's start the program." It just has a whole lot more oomph to it!

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