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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Are You The Next American Idol?

If you were asked this question what would you say?

On a recent episode, out of 100,000 desperate contestants to become the next American Idol, only 17 made it through to Hollywood.

What did those 17 have that the others didn’t?
Was it talent? Was it looks? Was it personality? Yes, but...

in order to show their talent, looks, and personality to their very best ability, they needed to have one thing. That one thing is what the judges are looking for and that’s why they ask them all the same exact question..

“Are you the next American Idol?”

When they answer, the judges are looking at their confidence level. They want to see how they answer? This doesn’t mean they can’t be nervous. You can be confident and still be nervous. You can do a great job and still be nervous. You can entertain and engage your audience, and still be nervous.

So what does this have to do with public speaking skills? Everything!

Have confidence in yourself when you present.
Know that your audience will benefit from hearing whatever you have to say.
And, show your audience your talent, your looks, and your personality.
You may not become the next American Idol, but your audience will respect you, look up to you, and maybe even love you!

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