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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Start Strong with Your Public Speaking

It’s Monday morning, you had a great weekend, and now you have to attend a seminar at work. You grab your cup of coffee, maybe a bagel or muffin, and you find the seat that you are going to be most comfortable in. You get settled in and you wait anxiously for the presenter to begin.

What are your expectations?

Are you expecting to be put to sleep or are you expecting to be engaged?
Are you expecting to learn something new or be told something you already know?
Are you expecting this is going to be worth your while? Or are you expecting that this will be a waste of time?

Be engaging and your audience will be engaged

When you are the presenter, your audience has the same expectations of you. No matter what those expectations are, your goal should be to exceed them. One of the best ways to exceed their expectations is to fully engage your audience while delivering worthwhile information.

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