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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday Stress Plus a Presentation!

This is a time that many of us are stressed out. Whether it's shopping, spending, saving, etc. We're trying to get it all done. On top of it all, you may have a presentation coming up that you need to prepare for. This may be the biggest stressor of all.

Follow these simple steps to help prepare quickly:
1 - Set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour to just focus on your presentation
2 - Have this hour be some place quiet with no distractions (i.e. library, coffee shop, etc.)
3 - Turn your cell phone off and close your email program during this time
4 - Look at all your notes if you have any and organize them if they are all over the place
5 - Write down your entire presentation in 3 parts: the opening, the body, and the closing
6 - After writing down everything you need to present, go back and think of examples, stories, and analogies you can incorporate to hone your message.

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