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Friday, December 01, 2006

Room Set Up

I recently attended a seminar that was great. However, it would have been so much better if just one room set up change was made. This one change would have made a major difference. It's something that is done very often, too many times, and people just don't know any better.

It was a panel with the table set off to the side. It was on an angle which was good. But if that panel was smack center in the middle of the front of the room, they all would have been much closer to the audience and would have made a more effective connection.

However, the powerpoint projector was in the middle on a table in front of the huge screen along with another table for the laptop. There were only 2 slides and all were text. We tend to think we need to use powerpoint for those visual people in the audience. I'm a visual person, but I'd much rather see the presenters than the slides. Wouldn't you?
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