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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ya Never Know

Have you ever said you could never do something, but then one day found yourself doing that exact thing? In 1997 I was on a bike trip from California to New Hampshire. That’s 3700 miles across the United States. I remember the first day when I was checking in, the tour director asked me if I had clipless pedals? I said, “yeah right, like I’m going to have clipless pedals. I will never have clipless pedals.” Two weeks into the trip, I had clipless pedals and have been riding with clipless pedals ever since. Clipless pedals are the kind of pedals on a bicycle that your shoes snap into so you are attached to the pedals. It always scared me too much and I could not see myself with them. Never say: never. Many of my clients say that they could not see themselves presenting in a more dynamic and engaging way, but as soon as they started speaking and learning what makes a great presenter, they surprised themselves and became even better than they ever thought possible. Never say: never. Instead say: Probably some day.

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