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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Public Speaking Skills - What's Remembered

I was searching the internet and said to my mother, what would you like me to find. I can find anything for you. She said, Oh! I would love to find my favorite movie as a little girl. But, you won't find it, I even checked with the old video stores and they say it was never put on video and you just can't get it, it doesn't exist.

I beg to differ, I told her. You can find anything on the internet. So I searched and I found. It wasn't easy, but I was able to find it in one place. The DVD came, that's right, DVD! Remember, this was a movie made over 70 years ago.

We watched the movie, but my mother didn't remember much. All she remembered was that there was an all-girl orchestra. But as we watched the movie, about a girl in an orchestra, there was never an all girl orchestra. Until the very ending. There it was. The huge finale. The ending was that this girl ended up playing in an orchestra that was quadruple the size of the orchestra she had been playing in throughout the movie. And... it was an all-girl orchestra!

The point of this story is that most people remember the ending more than anything. When you present, make sure you have a dynamic closing so that you can leave your audience with impact and maybe they will even say "your presentation was their favorite."

People remember the ending more than anything else and the ending determines the impact your presentation has on your audience. The greater the impact, the greater the results.

Be sure to have a dynamic closing for all of your presentations.

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