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Friday, August 01, 2008

Public Speaking and America's Got Talent!

If you watch America's Got Talent then you have seen how some of the acts get booed off the stage within seconds. If the acts do not engage the audience from the very beginning, the audience is bored, turned off, and doesn't want to listen any more.

If you do public speaking and make presentations, you are also a performer. You need to engage your audience from the very beginning or else they will tune out, be bored, and want you off the stage. They may not be booing you out loud, but they probably are booing you on the inside.

Make sure your audience is applauding you on the inside so they want more of you and will listen to you throughout your entire presentation. How do you do that? Three ways:

1 - Take command of the stage and appear confident
2 - Have a well-prepared opening that will engage your audience and get them interested
3 - Say it with confidence and charisma

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