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Sunday, June 14, 2009

You Won’t Believe This

I had the privilege to sit in an all day seminar put on by Brian Tracy, America’s leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He has spoken to over 400,000 people all over the world (53 countries). He is the author of many best-selling audio programs and has produced over 300 in over 25 years. My point is, he’s pretty amazing. And guess what, he does not use? PowerPoint! I was very surprised to see what he does use. You won’t believe this and if you are young enough you won’t even know what I’m talking about, but he uses …. Are you ready.. he uses… an... overhead projector!!! That’s right, in front of hundreds and thousands of people. It gets better, not only does he use it, but he writes on it as he goes rather than using professional printed overheads. And… his writing is almost as bad as mine. Why do I tell you this? So that you can know that you don’t have to use PowerPoint or fancy equipment to become great at public speaking.


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