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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Public Speaking and Charlie Rose

There are three things that Charlie Rose told me to do. Well, he didn’t really tell me. I recently saw him speak live in Sarasota Florida. He spoke about his experience interviewing famous people and there were three things I took away that I will share with you now so that you can implement these ideas into your presentations and get greater results.

1 – He spoke to the audience as if he was speaking to one guest. It was very conversational, even though he used notes. And using notes are perfectly fine, as long as you stay connected with your audience, as Charlie Rose did.

2 – He said it took him 10 hours to prepare for his interview with President Bill Clinton. He said that he doesn’t just show up to an interview and hope that magic happens. He does research by using the internet, he has a team of people who help him gather information, and then he condenses it to what he needs to know. The take away here is, never wing your presentations. Prepare, prepare, prepare, and you will be much more likely to get the results you want.

3 – This one is my favorite! Charlie Rose said that his best interviews and favorite shows that he did were the ones where his guests surprised him. My guess of what he meant by that is that his guests told him something he didn’t know or did something he wasn’t expecting. If you tell your audience something they don’t know or present in a way that is unexpected, your audience just may say that your presentation was one of the best they ever attended.

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