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Friday, February 08, 2008

Stand Out Above The Rest In Public Speaking Skills

Last night I presented at the ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) Association. The title of my presentation was: "3 Ways To Stand Out Above Others"

I shared with them a personal story about my very first training job before I became a public speaking skills coach. I was hired for a 6 month project along with 10 other trainers. The trainees got more out of my training session than any of the others. The reason? I fully prepared my program and I rehearsed out loud my material. So when it was time to train, I knew my material inside and out. And because I knew it so well, it aloud me to do 3 things that helped me stand out above the rest. I was able to present with Power, Energy, and Passion.

1 - Power
2 - Energy
3 - Passion

The more power, energy, and passion you have when you deliver a presentation, the more effective you will be.

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