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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun Way to Improve Public Speaking

I discovered an amazing way to overcome your fear of public speaking, grow your business, and have fun singing all at the same time! What is it? Karaoke!

I was recently at a karaoke bar where one girl got up, sang, and then during the musical break (the part in the song where there are no lyrics and you just stand there with nothing to do)made use of that time and asked the audience: "Who needs life insurance? Pick up a brochure here." That's when I realized how beneficial karaoke can be.

Later on, a man was up on stage, and before he started singing the karaoke DJ said, give Dave some support, he just told me he's really nervous." Good for Dave for going up even though he was nervous. Now it's your turn. Go have some fun improving your presentation skills by singing karaoke!
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